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Stone Cross Mill is a Tower Mill and one of the finest working Windmills in England.

It is just over 50 feet high.

It is owned and maintained by Stone Cross Mill Trust, a registered Charity, run entirely by voluntary helpers.

The tour follows the natural progression of life in a working Windmill in 1876

It is not aimed at telling you everything about the Windmill as we hope that you will visit. It is however designed to give you a taste of what you will see and experience.

Full guided tours are available whenever the Mill is open or can be arranged by appointment at other times

Entrance to the Mill is through impressive new wooden gates

The ground has been levelled and the landscaping completed. This will provide a pathway around the Mill for any visitors, including those with pushchairs and in wheelchairs.   It is hoped to encourage natural flora around the area and also wildlife. There is paving in front of the Mill.


Looking at the outside of the Mill, there is a good view of the Sweeps (sails).  It is essential to keep these facing the wind.

The sweeps are 65 feet across including the spider.



The Fantail is on the opposite side of the Cap.  This machinery moves the Cap and the Sweeps around.  The fantail measures 9 feet in diameter.




As you enter the Mill itself, in front of you can be seen the sack hoist and the workshop.


The sacks of grain are attached to this hoist and lifted to the top floor called the Dust Floor.

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