Local Heritage Centre

A Grant was obtained from the Warr Partnership to cover roof insulation, heating and the laying of  industrial flooring. This was necessary prior to the opening of the Heritage centre.  

January 2010

Before work could start the roundel had to be emptied.

Insulating the roof was the first work to be completed.

Fitting the heaters was the next job

Laying the carpet in the roundel was quite a task


The Centre has five different sections covering:


  • History and restoration of the Windmill

  • History of Milling and Mills

  • The environment, including wind power, renewable energy etc

  • Local History


Lastly there is an area available for local groups to mount exhibits.

A DVD player will initially show the history of the Mill in photographs together with the workings of the Mill .  It will enable those people who are not able, or do not wish to go up  the Mill, to see and share the experience in a small way.  A film, is at present being produced which will show all aspects of the Mill and the work that goes into looking after it.

The Trust are looking for  information, memorabilia,  artefacts and any personal tales of the Stone Cross and Westham area.  If you have any photographs but do not wish to part with them, these can be copied with permission from the owner.  

If you have anything you believe may be of interest, please contact the Secretary.

Our grateful thanks are extended to the team at Warr for all their help and support.

“The Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) is funded by Defra and the EU. The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD): Europe investing in rural areas”

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:                       

Europe investing in rural areas

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